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How many times have you heard this statement? “I wish I could paint, but I am not artistic.”

Folk art and calligraphy are skills based art forms, which make them accessable to everyone to learn. There are a few basic strokes, which one combines to create different designs. I would liken it to handwriting - we all learn how to write  the letters of the alphabet and how to join them together to write words. Just like our handwriting is unique to each one of us as individuals, so too are our painting and calligraphy styles.


If you would like to join me on one of these workshops, to immerse yourself in the creative process and learn something, new amongst like minded people, click here to view current workshops.

You will not only learn a new skill, but meet new people, enjoy home baked cake and spend a bit of time unwinding from the pressures of day to day life through mindful creativity.

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