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“It is what we make out of what we have and not what we are given that separates one person from another.” Nelson Mandela

This quote has inspired me to look around me and use what I have right in front of me to use in my creative journey. Sometimes we need to invest in a few bits, like paint or embellishments to transform an item into something really unique, but lets start with what is right there in front of us and let the creative juice flow, so to speak!


My friends and family love to receive handmade gifts as they are indeed personal. It also shows the love, care and time invested in that person by creating something unique for them. I hope some of these items might inspire you to have a go at something you have always wanted to try.

I share the techniques and creative processes I have learnt over the years through my Blog posts, as well as through in person workshops.

If you would like to join me on one of these workshops, to immerse yourself in the creative process and learn something new amongst like minded people, click here to view current workshops.

These items are also available to purchase in our SHOP (subject to availability)

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