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Man's best friend treats

Many of you will know that we as a family have been involved with Guide Dogs for the Blind over the past 5 or so years. Our beautiful Bonnie was a Brood Bitch for Guide dogs, meaning her job was to have the puppies who would be trained to go on and hopefully make a difference to a visually impaired person by being their Guide Dog.

Bonnie is now retired. She had a total of 31 puppies, some working as Guide dogs, some still in training and a few preferred to rather just be someones loving pet. This is the first summer in four years that we do not have a litter of pups running around in the garden.

21st April 2020 was National Tea Day - a day to be celebrated in the UK!!

The Guide Dogs for the Blind hosted The Great Guide Dogs Virtual Tea Party, attempting a Guinness World Record whilst raising some much needed funds for the Association. It was simple, enjoy your chosen cuppa, take a photo of yourself and donate the cost of your cuppa to Guide dogs. This photo above is of my husband, Duncan, Bonnie and myself raising our cup to this great organisation!

I am pleased to say that Guide Dogs now officially holds the Guinness World Records title for the World's Biggest Virtual Tea Party and the event raised over £43,500 so far.

But what would a tea party be without cake? Bonnie is very partial to a bit of cake and I can tell many stories of her helping herself to cake not intended for her. The very first time this happened she stole a box of Red velvet cupcakes from the dining room table. She loved the cupcakes and fortunately had the sense to leave the wrappers!

Bonnie also has this amazing ability to appear from absolutely nowhere when someone opens one of the Rusk Jars on the shelf in the kitchen and she often gets the crumbly bits left in the bottom of the jar.

I decided that it would be a good idea to bake her a batch of proper dog friendly treats. Using 2 of her favourite things - cheese and marmite, I created these little treats for her. Click here for the recipe.

I really wanted to distinguish human treats from dog treats (although humans can eat these too), by using a little dog bone shaped cutter. Allsorts 3D Prints came to my rescue again and very promptly designed, 3D printed and posted one to me.


Bonnie and my sister's dog Kenco have not seen much of each other over this lockdown time and I think they are possibly finding it even harder than their humans. So a batch of these home baked Dog Treats for Kenco from his BFF (Best Friend Forever), Bonnie went down a real treat. Kenco was more than happy to pose for a few photos!

If you make this recipe for your dog, please share your photos on our social media pages. We love to see photos of dogs!

Much love




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