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Face Masks......

If you had said to me at the beginning of 2020 that we would be wearing face covering in the UK, actually all over the world, I would have said that you were deluded. Who would have thought that this year would turn out the way it has. So many people across the globe have lost their lives or had them turned upside down in so many ways and my thoughts and prayers are with all these people!

I resisted the whole face mask situation for months and was secretly please that I did not live in London or one of the other major cities. As we came out of lockdown as a nation and the requirements for wearing a face mask on public transport became compulsory, I finally gave in and accepted that face masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future anyway. I decided, if you can't beat them, then join them!

Now who wants to wear those disposable masks, that are so hard to come by and certainly not good for our environment. Nobody wants to contribute to the crisis of the shortage in PPE!

I shared a pattern to sew face masks on Facebook (for other people to sew, of course 😂), but when my dear friend, Sandy asked if I was sewing and please could she have one, I thought - why not. So I got my stash of beautiful fabrics out the cupboard. (I'd rather not share how much I found - but you know, one never knows when a global pandemic might strike and one needs to sew face masks - so I just call it, being prepared!

I did a bit of research to find a pattern with a good, snug fit. My sis-in-law, Helen, is a virologist (handy at this time, I know) and she gave me a few tips about allowing for a pocket to insert a filter for those who want to be on the super safe side. Her most important bit of advise was to include a flexible nose bridge wire, which can be shaped over the nose. This makes the mask much more effective.

So that is how I found myself sewing face mask after face mask. Friends shared my posts in other groups on social media and soon I was taking orders for people across the country. I cannot thank you enough for all your support!

I enjoy sewing these masks (ok, I'll admit, the pretty fabric ones more than the plain black ones) and I am pleased that I can do my little bit in these strange times to stop spreading the virus. With the glorious weather we've had, I was even able to take my sewing room outdoors.

If you would like to check out my shop with some of the designs available , click here.

Much love




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